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We stock Allsteel, Haworth, Herman Miller, Kimball, Paoli, Steelcase, Teknion brands of desks, workstations, tables, seating, and file cabinets.

No job is too large or small. If you want 1, 2, 100, or 1,000 pieces of office furniture, call FWG.

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Looking for work systems, seating, files from Herman Miller? Herman Miller defines quality based on what the customers wants and needs. They design products that help your employees work more comfortably, efficiently, and effectively, in an environment that inspires. Their products not only last, but will continue to look great and adapt to decades of use and reconfiguration.

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FWG is a leading supplier of Pre-Owned furniture. FWG purchases product inventories nation-wide. If we do not have what you are looking for we will locate it and purchase the product per your requirements. FWG has nation wide broker services that can open up a wide variety of possiblilties.

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Used Herman Miller Workstations

The world's first open-plan furniture system, the Action Office system continues to keep up with changes in the workplace--offering simplicity, value, perfect fit, and proven function. With 90- and 120-degree planning options, Action Office is a versatile, hard-working system for practical organizations. It functions equally well in high-visibility multishift stations and behind-the-scenes managers' offices.

In the Action Office panel system, panels define the work space, provide a structural foundation for hang-on components, house electrical and data wires, and influence the aesthetic character of the environment. Panels are shipped fully assembled. Other components are preassembled, including work surface attachment hardware and raceways.

Fast, simple installation. No panel system is easier or quicker to install and reconfigure.

Concise, versatile vocabulary. Simplifies ordering, speeds installation, and streamlines inventory control.

90- and 120-degree planning. Action Office can take the shape that helps people work at their best and helps organizations use floor space most efficiently.

Panel choices. A variety of sizes, shapes, and surface treatments; stacking panels let privacy levels be controlled and varied.

Never obsolete. Components manufactured today are compatible with the original generation.

Sturdy connections. Rigid, full-length connectors automatically align panels; steel construction ensures connectors do not weaken with repeated reconfiguration.

Hard-working panels. Stress-skin construction allows panels to meet or exceed industry requirements for strength and durability.

The Ethospace system is made to evolve as work changes. Recent evolutions respond to demands for traditional-looking environments, as well as for versatile products that promote community, support new kinds of work, and handle sophisticated technology. These additions make Ethospace a more comprehensive system--one that can define and refine space in the most effective ways. At the same time, Ethospace maintains the integrity of its proven, high-performance design.

In the Ethospace frame-and-tile system, structural steel frames define the work space, provide the foundation for hang-on components, and house electrical and data wires. Individual segments called tiles attach to the frames, allowing tremendous variety and control of the design and function of individual frames.

The Prospects system offers the richness of fine Geiger wood furniture and the proven performance of Herman Miller systems products--along with the flexibility of freestanding desks and storage. With it, you can have a traditional panel system, a desking system, or a beautifully integrated combination of both. With such choice and versatility, the Prospects system is suited for all kinds of applications, from team spaces to executive offices.

The Q system performs equally well in open plan environments, as freestanding furniture surrounded by panels to divide space and distribute power and data, and as freestanding furniture in private offices. Add its full range of fabric and finish choices, and the Q system has the versatility to take on any look, shape, or function.

The Resolve system delivers value and savings for businesses of all sizes as it supports professionals and various work styles throughout an organization. Its smart structure is based on 120-degree angles that create open, inviting, space-efficient workstations where people feel comfortable and connected. Resolve gives people the tools to be productive, and lets an organization use its resources effectively.

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